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Novel Published Only On World Wide Web Wins Literary Award

Victor Koman's Kings of the High Frontier is first novel published only electronically ever to win major science-fiction accolades

August 20, 1997
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Dustcover: Kings of the High Frontier

In a milestone which establishes electronic publishing as an increasingly respectable alternative to traditional print publication, the 33-member advisory board of the Libertarian Futurist Society has selected the novel Kings of the High Frontier by Victor Koman as the winner of the society's 1997 Prometheus Award. The novel has been sold for download exclusively from the Pulpless.Comtm site on the World Wide Web since its first publication in June, 1996, and has never been published in either a traditional book or periodical edition.

Kings of the High Frontier is on the World Wide Web at http://www.pulpless.com/king.html. It's a fastpaced and suspenseful technothriller set against the background of the next great space-race, in which adventurers and space enterprises compete against each other --and NASA -- in launching orbital space platforms. All the launches shown in the book are based on current plans now in development.

Since its release, Kings of the High Frontier has sold approximately 300 copies at $3.50, of which the author receives $2.28 per copy, equivalent to the 10% royalty an author would receive from a hardcover book selling at $22.80, or about 1400 paperbacks selling at $5.99 with an 8% royalty.

Prior to its winning the Prometheus Award, Kings of the High Frontier received endorsements from Ray Bradbury and Gregory Benford, and a major rave review from Charles de Lint in The Magazine of Fantasy & Science Fiction -- the first digital book ever to receive a major literary review without "analog" book publication. It's also the "Book of the Month" for October, 1997 in Jerry Pournelle's long-standing column in Byte magazine.

Dustcover: The Jehovah Contract

This is the third Prometheus Award Victor Koman has received, making him the only recipient of three of the awards. His novel The Jehovah Contract won in 1988 and his novel Solomon's Knife won in 1990. Both were published in hardcover by Franklin Watts, and received widely positive reviews and authorial accolades.Dustcover: Solomon's Knife

Kings of the High Frontier won out over five other novels, all published as traditional books. The other nominees were Firestar by Michael Flynn, Wildside by Steven Gould, Paths to Otherwhere by James P. Hogan, Sliders by Brad Linaweaver, and The Stone Canal by Ken MacLeod.

The award will be presented to Koman at this year's World Science Fiction Convention in San Antonio, Texas, over Labor Day Weekend. It will be presented to Koman by previous winner, Brad Linaweaver, whose novel Moon of Ice won in 1989.

Pulpless.Comtm was founded in April, 1996, and is operated by, another Prometheus-Award-winning novelist, J. Neil Schulman, whose novel The Rainbow Cadenza won the 1984 award and whose 1979 novel Alongside Night won the Hall of Fame award in 1989. Pulpless.Comtm, whose slogan is "Pulpless Fiction & Nonfiction Too!"tm, also exclusively distributes never-before published books by bestselling authors Piers Anthony and Brad Linaweaver, and by Schulman himself. In 1979, science fiction writer L. Neil Smith created the Prometheus Award, to honor libertarian fiction. A panel selected F. Paul Wilson's Wheels Within Wheels as the best novel, and gold coins then worth $2,500 were presented to Wilson. The Prometheus Awards fell into limbo the following year and in 1982 the Libertarian Futurist Society revived the Prometheus Award for best libertarian novel of the year. In 1983 a second annual award called the Hall of Fame Award was added to honor classic libertarian fiction. The prize for both the Prometheus and the Hall of Fame awards is a gold coin, representing free trade and free minds, mounted on an engraved plaque. For the Prometheus Award the coin is one-half ounce, for the Hall of Fame it is one- eighth ounce. Of the major awards given to science fiction -- the Hugo, the Nebula, or the John W. Campbell Award -- the Prometheus Award is the only one whose award has a monetary value. Other winners of the Prometheus Awards have included Poul Anderson, James P. Hogan, Larry Niven, Jerry Pournelle & Michael Flynn, L. Neil Smith, and Victor Milan. Hall of Fame Awards have been presented to novels by George Orwell, Robert A. Heinlein, Ray Bradbury, Ayn Rand, Alfred Bester, and Ursula K. LeGuin.


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