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Free Web Paperless Bookstm Open New Market for Authors & Advertisers

August 10, 1997
For Immediate Release

J. Neil Schulman / Pulpless.Comtm
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Acknowledged as father of the paperless booktm by articles in the Wall Street Journal, Esquire, PC Computing, Byte, and the New York Times Cybertimes, J. Neil Schulman today announced what will be the next phase in web book publishing: giving away free downloads of new and bestselling books by major authors.

Like TV and radio programs, and alternative free weeklies, the revenue from distribution of these books will come not directly from the consumers, but by advertisements carried within the books to be downloaded.

After establishing a reputation for himself as a successful novelist and screenwriter, in 1987 Schulman founded SoftServ Publishing, which through 1994 made books by authors such as Harlan Ellison and Robert Silverberg available for download on GEnie and on SoftServ's own dial-up bbs.

Since 1996 Schulman has operated the Pulpless.Comtm website at http://www.pulpless.com, which carries titles by himself, by megabestseller Piers Anthony, and by Victor Koman, whose novel Kings of the High Frontier, published only on the Pulpless.Comtm website, has already received highly favorable reviews from Charles de Lint in Fantasy & Science Fiction and Jerry Pournelle's column in Byte.

"Now that Pulpless.Comtm has demonstrated that we can move thousands of downloaded books into readers' computers in a few weeks," Schulman said, "and with handheld computers like the Newton Messagepad and Toshiba Libretto making paperless bookstm comfortable to read, the only thing we've been looking for is a way to make this whole business profitable. If we charge readers' credit cards for the downloads, the pipeline clogs up. So we've decided to make the books free -- and charge sponsors for advertising."

Authors licensing their books for web downloading will share advertising revenue with Pulpless.Comtm in the same way that Pulpless.Com'stm current authors share sales revenue.

Advertising in Pulpless.Com'stm books won't just be the click-through banners already popular on the web, but will include full-page graphic ads and eventually animated commercials. "By offering literary works by established authors as a new advertising medium, we're offering corporations a way to support the literary arts at the same time they enhance their institutional image. If Texaco can sponsor the Metropolitan Opera broadcasts, and print ads can finance the program books for symphony orchestras and Broadway shows, why shouldn't readers get free books paid for by advertising?"

Full information on advertising in paperless bookstm is available on the Pulpless.Comtm web site at http://www.pulpless.com/advertis/. J. Neil Schulman's personal website at http://www.pulpless.com/jneil/ includes links to download all nine of his books, and biographical info at http://www.pulpless.com/jneil/jnsbio.html.


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