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July 4, 1996 (Revised July 22, 1996)
For Immediate Release

J. Neil Schulman / Pulpless.Comtm
Voice & Fax: (500) 44-JNEIL
World Wide Web Page: http://www.pulpless.com/

Today Pulpless.Comtm, a new site on the World Wide Web listed in Yahoo! and other web directories, invited readers, booksellers, copy shops, internet cafes, and libraries to download its new book releases by bestselling authors, which can either be read on computers as paperless bookstm or printed as an on-demand bound book.

Pulpless.Comtm only offers titles by popular authors which are not available in bookstores. The Pulpless.Comtm website's internet address is http://www.pulpless.com/. Its description is Pulpless Fiction & Nonfiction Too!tm

Pulpless.Comtm's first offering of downloadable paperless bookstm include Volk, a brand-new historical novel by megabestseller Piers Anthony, who has had 21 New York Times bestselling novels; The Land Beyond Summer, a young-adult fantasy about divorce by Brad Linaweaver, USA Today bestselling co-author of the Doom novels and author of Sliders: The Novel; Kings Of The High Frontier, a 225,000 word technothriller about a privatized space race, by Victor Koman, awardwinner for his previous novels The Jehovah Contract and Solomon's Knife; and The Robert Heinlein Interview And Other Heinleiniana, a booklength interview with science-fiction grandmaster Robert A. Heinlein, conducted by awardwinning novelist, journalist and screenwriter J. Neil Schulman, also the founder of Pulpless.Comtm. All these titles, and Schulman's sold-out Stopping Power: Why 70 Million Americans Own Guns, are now available for free online browsing followed by purchase, download, and printing of the complete book.

Sales of Pulpless.Comtm titles have proved that the World Wide Web is truly an international marketplace. The first sale of Piers Anthony's Volk was from Australia, the second sale from Canada, the third sale from England, and only then were sales from the United States received.

The books are available in two universal, cross-platform formats: HTML, for reading and printing by web browsers such as Netscape Navigator and Microsoft Internet Explorer, and Adobe Acrobat, which offers a free reader & printing program for download from its website. Both versions work on both MS-DOS Windows platforms, and Macintosh computers. They also work on Unix-based systems.

Pulpless.Comtm invites bookstores, copy shops, and internet cafes to download its paperless booktm releases for readers; then these resellers may custom-print and bind the book on-demand for their customers, or sell them the downloaded copy on disk. Libraries are invited to add printed Pulpless.Comtm books to their circulating collections. Documents on the Pulpless.Comtm website explain the site licensing agreement which protects the books' copyrights while allowing retailers, libraries, and readers to print copies of the books.

Schulman and partner J. Kent Hastings originally entered the paperless booktm business in 1987, when they started SoftServ Publishing. SoftServ operated a Roundtable on the General Electric Network for Information Exchange (GEnie) for a year, and a dial-up computer bulletin board for another two years. SoftServ was featured in Esquire Magazine, the Wall Street Journal, PC Computing, and in Jerry Pournelle's column in Byte Magazine. It established the paperless book concept which is now ready to produce Internet bestselling downloadable books, now that the World Wide Web, faster modems, and more graphically-oriented personal computers have solved technical problems that were unsolvable only two years ago.

In addition, Pulpless.Comtm is the first World Wide Web site which is able to check the validity of credit cards (Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover/Novus) in seconds, before approving the downloads of books. Pulpless.Comtm also accepts Ecash.

The new novels such as Volk and Kings of the High Frontier are priced at $3.50; The Land Beyond Summer, being shorter, is priced at $2.95. Stopping Power is $2.75 and The Robert Heinlein Interview is $2.50. Prices include all applicable sales taxes. Retailers and library services may surcharge for services such as downloading, copying to disk, printing, or binding.

New books are being developed, designed to achieve sales figures comparable to bestselling books. Each book has a counter next to it, displaying the actual number of sales for each title, to enable both instant auditing by authors and their agents, and to establish publicly when the sales figures approach bestseller status.

The intent of Pulpless.Comtm is both to establish the profit viability of distributing books for download on the World Wide Web, and to enable authors to achieve distribution of their most original and important literary works in a book marketplace now driven by media tie-ins.

Pulpless.Comtm acts as the distributor of the books, with the owner of the copyright -- often the author -- acting as publisher. The share of proceeds is divided with the majority of sales proceeds going to the author/publisher, and the remainder being retained by Pulpless.Comtm.

While major publishers have experimented with distribution of works via CD-ROM, and marketing of traditionally published books on the World Wide Web, no major publisher has yet been willing to allow download of its books on the Web, which currently leaves Pulpless.Comtm as a cutting-edge pioneer in the new paperless booktm industry.


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