Here's The Pulpless.Com
Radio Jingle!

The Pulplettes

Words and Music by Polly Klemmer and Kate O'Neal

Performed by The Pulplettes!

Words, Music & Recording Copyright © 1996 Pulpless.Com All rights reserved.
Permission to post the Pulpless.Com Radio Jingle on other websites granted only unchanged or unedited.
What costs less than a paperback
with titles you can't find on the rack?
Did you ever dream you could download a book?
We're on the Web, come take a look!
In Kat-man-du, Que-bec or Guam
Dial W W W Dot Pulpless Dot Com!


It's Pulpless Fiction!
Pulpless Fiction!
Save your money, save a tree!
Try a sample free Free FREE!
Give your TV to your Mom!
Dial W W W Dot Pulpless Dot Com!

That's H-T-T-P Colon Slash! Slash!
W W W Dot Pulpless Dot Com!

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