Privacy Policy

Pulpless.Com,tm believes in preserving the privacy of your email address and any information you share with us.

We will not send you any Unsolicited Commercial Email. We will not allow email addresses we collect to be used by our advertisers without your consent. We will email you only if you email us first soliciting an answer, or if you voluntarily place yourself on a news or announcement list.

We do not require even your anonymous nickname in order to download any of our free books. That's why we only ask for our survey to be filled out voluntarily and anonymously after you've downloaded your selected free book. You do not need to accept a cookie in order to download our free books, but doing so will enable our system to bypass requesting that you fill out our anonymous survey the next time you wish to download.

We do appreciate your participation in our anonymous survey when you join the Pulpless.Com Book Club. These results are tabulated into demographic statistics needed by advertisers. Your anonymous nickname and password identify your demographic profile to advertisers without violating your consumer privacy. Without these demographics, advertisers have no way of deciding where to spend their advertising budgets. We're trying to convince advertisers to spend their ad budgets in our books, rather than in magazines, newspapers, TV, radio, or billboards.Without advertising, our authors wouldn't get paid for the free downloads and we wouldn't be able to offer their books to you without charging your credit card for the download. Maybe "There Ain't No Such Thing As A Free Lunch" but "There Is Such A Thing As A Free Book." It's the advertising that makes this possible.

J. Neil Schulman, Publisher