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Pulpless.Comtm Announces New Publishing Program

February 12, 1999
For Immediate Release

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Today Pulpless.Comtm announced its new list of books, which will simultaneously be released both as printed trade-paperback books available through traditional booksellers and as paperless bookstm downloadable from its website at http://www.pulpless.com/. The new list includes both original books and re-released classics, both fiction and nonfiction, and is top-heavy with bestselling and award-winning authors.

Leading the list are science-fiction novels including the brand-new Realty Check by megabestseller Piers Anthony, who has had 21 New York Times bestselling novels; two classic science-fiction novels by New York Times bestselling author Robert Silverberg, To Live Again and To Open The Sky; and the classic science-fiction novel Agent of Chaos, by still another New York Times bestseller, Norman Spinrad.

The list also features Raymond F. Jones' classic novel This Island Earth, source for the groundbreaking 1950's film of interstellar travel. This classic novel leads off the Forrest J Ackerman presents series of classic science fiction, fantasy, and horror.

Other authors whose names have previously appeared on bestseller and awards lists include John DeChancie, Simon Hawke, Victor Koman, Paul Levinson, Brad Linaweaver, J. Neil Schulman,  L. Neil Smith, and Jerome Tuccille.

Two authors on the Pulpless.Comtm list are past presidents of the Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers of America -- Robert Silverberg and Norman Spinrad -- and one is the SFWA's current president, Paul Levinson.

Pulpless.Comtm established in 1996 as a publisher of paperless books,tm has established milestones including being the first publisher of downloadable books to have one of its original novels, Victor Koman's Kings of the Hugh Frontier, win major reviews, an award, and subsequent hardcover publication.


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