A Note to Bookstores

All of our trade paperback titles are printed by the Lightning Source division of Ingram Book Company, and are available for immediate order from Ingram Book Company. Lightning Source books are printed on demand, and a print order is triggered by a backorder to Ingram. It doesn't matter how many copies of our books are showing as available in any Ingram warehouse; a backorder will cause a book to be printed and shipped to the appropriate Ingram warehouse within 48 hours of your backorder, even if the Ingram warehouses are currently showing zero copies in stock.

To any individual book customers who snuck in here, you can't order directly from Ingram, but you may order from Amazon or your local bookseller with confidence that our books are always in stock and never out of print, even if a store clerk tells you otherwise. Tell them to "backorder" the books you want. You'll get them.

If you have any further questions, e-mail: info@pulpless.com.