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Time Wars #4: The Zenda Vendetta by Simon Hawke Forrest J Ackerman Presents Hauser's Memory by Curt Siodmak Rock n' Roll Nuremberg by David T. Lindsay Alongside Night by J. Neil Schulman Masculinity The Hoax Enslaving Men by Russell S. Dynda Missile Master by D.K. Kirts Lines of Fire by Guy P. Giovanello Dorothy From Kansas Meets the Wizard of X by Linda Alexander Death's Dimensions by Victor Koman Profile In Silver and Other Screenwriting by J. Neil Schulman The Four Corners of the Tapestry by Jared Lobdell Solomon's Knife by Victor Koman Demon Killer by Steve Tymon Forrest J Ackerman Presents Donovan's Brain by Curt Siodmak Self Control Not Gun Control by J. Neil Schulman Dominick's Van Gogh by Jerome Tuccille Time Wars #3: The Pimpernel Plot by Simon Hawke Shylock, The Roman by Robert Schneider Flash The King by D.K. Kirts The Frame of the Century? by J. Neil Schulman To Open The Sky by Robert Silverberg Wall Street Blues by Jerome Tuccille Stopping Power by J. Neil Schulman This Island Earth by Raymond F. Jones Time Wars #2: The Timekeeper Conspiracy by Simon Hawke The Chosen Ones by Julie Richer Bestseller: wired, analog, and digital writings by Paul Levinson The Wardove by L. Neil Smith Okay, Fine by D.K. Kirts Agent of Chaos by Norman Spinrad The Robert Heinlein Interview by J. Neil Schulman Captain Anger #1: The Microbotic Menace by Victor Koman The Jehovah Contract by Victor Koman To Live Again by Robert Silverberg Time Wars #1: The Ivanhoe Gambit by Simon Hawke Book of the Monk by D.K. Kirts Other States of Being by John DeChancie It Still Begins With Ayn Rand by Jerome Tuccille The Land Beyond Summer by Brad Linaweaver Realty Check by Piers Anthony