Pulpless.Comtm Reseller's Site License Agreement

Pulpless.Comtm hereby grants to a person or company downloading a paperless booktm the right to purchase, download, and resell the item, including the right to charge for value-added materials and services, under the following terms and limitations:

1. The downloader/reseller will only resell a downloaded file once, to a single purchaser, either by recording the downloaded archive of files onto the purchaser's writeable media, or as a print-out made from the downloaded files, or both.

2. The downloader/reseller agrees not to sell a printed copy of the downloaded item without either (a) destroying all electronic file copies of the downloaded item, including all copies of the original archive and all unarchived files used in created the printed copy; or (b) transferring all electronic files, including the original archive and any files used in creating the printed copy, to the recipient of the printed copy.

3. The downloader/reseller will not retain any electronic or printed out file copy of any downloaded item that the downloader/reseller has purchased from Pulpless.Comtm.

4. The downloader/reseller hereby agrees to and promises to abide by all other terms of the License Agreement included in the paperless booktm archive, and will included a printed copy of the License Agreement in any printed edition made from the paperless booktm files.

5. The downloader/reseller will immediately notify Pulpless.Comtm of any violation of this Site License or the purchaser's License Agreement, committed either deliberately or inadvertantly, by downloader/reseller, or his or her employees, business associates, or purchasers.

6. The downloader/reseller agrees that in the event that more than one printed copy is made from a downloaded item, or if multiple copies are made and/or sold from a downloaded electronic file, downloader/reseller is responsible for making an immediate payment to Pulpless.Comtm for the full price of an additional download of that item for each electronic file copy or print out made.

7. The downloader/reseller will not lend out or rent any electronic files downloaded from Pulpless.Comtm; nor shall the downloader/reseller rent any printed-out edition made from the downloaded files; but this restriction shall not be interpreted as forbidding a library to create a printed edition of the downloaded book for the purposes of circulation as part of a school or public library's collection, so long as all electronic files downloaded from Pulpless.Comtm are destroyed before the printed edition is placed into circulation.

8. The downloader/reseller agrees to exercise all due diligence to prevent the violation of this Site License, the purchaser's License Agreement, or the copyright on the work contained in the downloaded electronic file.

9. The downloader/reseller hereby agrees to hold the publisher, the author(s), Pulpless.Comtm, and all other brokers/facilitators to the purchase and download harmless for all damages and costs of defending against any lawsuits for any action taken by downloader/purchaser/ his or her employees, or his or her customers, which would expose the publisher, the author(s), Pulpless.Comtm, and all other brokers/facilitators to the purchase and download to criminal or civil liability.

10. Any dispute arising out of this Agreement or the breach thereof shall be arbitrated by the American Arbitration Association under its rules then in effect, and Judgment upon the award may be entered into the highest Court having jurisdiction thereof. For the purposes of this Site License, and the License Agreement included in the downloaded paperless booktm archive, these agreements shall be interpreted according to the laws, customs, and community standards of the City of Culver City, County of Los Angeles, State of California, U.S.A.