Pulpless.Com Reader Survey Results

Drawn from 220 Surveys of Pulpless.Com Readers
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Note: Survey respondents under 18 were diverted from answering additional questions.


We have over two-and-a-half times as many women visiting us as the average web site.

Education (highest level completed):

Over half our readers are college graduates.


Type of Work:

About 92% of our readers are employed.



Over 56% of our readers earn over $40,000 a year.



Over two-thirds of our readers consider themselves independent thinkers.


On average, how many books do you read per month?

Half of our readers read three or more books per month.


Marital Status:

Over half of our readers are currently married.

Other Web User Demographics

Gender (Source: Infonex):

Employment Status (Source: Infonex):

Highest Degree Completed (Source: Infonex):

Household Income (Source: Infonex):

Involvement in Computer Purchasing Decision-Making (Source: Infonex):

Psychographic Profile

    Web users come from a wide range of backgrounds but tend to have technical backgrounds. As evidenced through surveying, Web users have significant purchasing power individually as well as within their organizations. (Source: Infonex)

    Highly technically skilled. (Source: Infonex)

    Tend to have interests in politics, government and current events.  (Source: Infonex)

    On-line political enthusiasts tend to be educated men with above-average incomes. They are 56% more likely to purchase books on-line than the average adult Web User and 35% more likely to purchase airline tickets on-line.  (Source: @plan random survey of 40,000 actives adults users of the Internet)

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